BBC One broadcast Peter Kay’s Car Share series 2 on Tuesday night and fans of the show have taken to social media to question why the back window of the car is always so dirty.

The first episode saw a change in scenario for Kayleigh, who has moved house since we last saw the pair together and commutes by bus, but that hasn’t stopped the pair from keeping in touch via a series of continually interrupted phone calls.

Throughout the episode, the interior shots of the car show the back window to be caked in dirt, as if the car has never been washed, although exterior shots show the car is always sparkling clean.

Fans took to social media to raise the question as to why this is, noting that it was the same in the first series too.


If you’re one of those fans wondering why the window on John Redmond’s Fiat 500L is always unclean and you’ve seen the first series where he takes it through the car wash – but it remains the same way, then you’ll be pleased to know we have the answer.

Gill Isles, who produced series 1 of Car Share noticed that many social media users were questioning why the back window was always smeared out, so to answer her critics, she took to twitter and revealed the real reason.

She wrote: “For those asking, the rear windscreen is always dirty for a boring continuity reasons”

Car Share returns on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One and is available on BBC iPlayer NOW