Car Share series 2
Car Share series 2

Fans of Peter Kay’s Car Share will be happy to know that a release date for the second series has been released. The comedian, who plays John Redmond, along with Sian Gibson, who plays Kayleigh Kitson will return in the sitcom.

Car Share first released as an iPlayer exclusive, before being broadcast on BBC One due to incredible viewing figures online and popular demand. Peter Kay has been spotted many times during 2016, filming scenes for the second series, which is due to broadcast its first episode in MAY 2017.

A fan confirmed that Peter Kay announced the news at his Blackpool Q and A in aid of Polly Haydock “Peter Kay said Series 2 would be aired in May next year and also showed clips of it during the show, it was brilliant”

Car Share series one followed the to and from work journeys of two supermarket employees. Kay portrayed John, a manager, with Gibson performing as Kayleigh, a shop assistant. The pair shared intimate stories of both work and general life, with a highlight coming in episode 2 when the pair were confused over the topic of ‘dogging’.

From Call Centre to Primetime TV

In an interview with the Daily Mirror in early 2016, Sian Gibson revealed that she kept her acting and writing talents to herself, whilst working in a call centre.

The actress received a call from Peter Kay, who asked her to co-write and perform in Car Share. Gibson reportedly refrained from telling bosses of her new role and instead quit by telling them she had problems getting child-care for her young daughter, Gracie.

The actress admitted “If I had said I was leaving to go and write a comedy with Peter Kay about two people sat in a car, they would think I had gone mad”

Sian continued, “People at work didn’t know I was an actress or that I knew Peter.

“They just thought that I was a mum with a young kid trying to make ends meet. I liked it that way.

“If they knew I’d done some acting they would be forever saying I should try to get a part in Hollyoaks or something.”

Gibson and Kay go back a long way, with the pair meeting and becoming good friends at University. Peter, who is a godparent to Sian’s daughter, got in touch to discuss the idea of Car Share, which subsequently changed her life.