It was the film that spawned a thousand copy-cats (all of various degrees in quality) and after 17 years, people might have thought that The Blair Witch Project – despite being, as Rik Mayall once said, “sh*t-your-pants-scary* back in the day, had indeed had its day.

But whether it has or not, it was the film that kick-started the found-footage genre, and though the audience reception was polarised, it remains as one of the most successful independent films of all time, making $250 million on the back of a $60,000 budget.  

A surprisingly good sequel has filled the franchise with renewed vigour, but we can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the ill-fated teenage trio that seemed compelled to film everything they did?

Well let’s have a look, and see what the cast of the Blair Witch Project are up to these days!

Joshua Leonard

Joshua Leonard starred as the aspiring filmmaker who still, for some reason, couldn’t actually hold the camera without shaking it. I know it was scary and cold, but come on.

After Blair Witch, the actor appeared in HBO’s TV movie Live from Bagdad, the Robert De Niro-led drama Men of Honour in 2000, and Allison Ander’s Things Behind the Sun the following year.

Leonard has probably been the busiest of his former co-stars, as his credits include roles on shows such as the 2009 film Humpday, which won an Independent Spirit Award, the critically acclaimed HBO series Hung, True Detective, and recurring roles in TV shows Bates Motel and Heartbeat, as well as cropping up in the Town That Dreaded Sundown remake/sequel/reboot/reimagining.

He also appeared in romances 6 years with Taissa Farmiga of American Horror Story and If I Stay with Chloe Grace Mortez.

As an actual filmmaker, Leonard won the Grand Jury Prize at CineVegas with his art documentary Beautiful Losers in 2008. He’s also married to actress Alison Pill of Scott Pilgrim, Milk and The Newsroom fame.

So yeah, he’s certainly not been short of work.


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