Coupling aired on the BBC between 2000-2004. Over 10 years have passed since we last saw the cast of the popular TV series, so what have the actors been up to since the sitcom finished?

Jack Davenport

From buccaneer to bird nester

Davenport played the role of Steve – the guy who made sure he was never single; starting one relationship and forgetting to mention that he was already dating.

Luckily, Davenport is a little different to this guy in real life. He’s happily married to Doctor Who actress Michelle Gomez.

Since leaving the show, Davenport has gone on to star in a variety of TV and film roles including Pirates of the Caribbean, Smash and Breathless.

Sarah Alexander

Alexander played the role of Susan – one of Steve’s girlfriends in the show. Fortunately, Susan’s character was relaxed and took Steve’s playing-around in her stride.

Alexander is married to fellow actor Peter Serafinowicz and has starred in a number of other successful TV shows such as The Worst Week of My Life, The Jury, Me and Mrs Jones and Jonathon Creek.

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