Nan on Chatty Man
Nan on Chatty Man

Nan is NOT a fan of Christmas

Catherine Tate has a host of alter-ego’s, which she brings to life in her brilliant Sketches on The Catherine Tate Show. The ‘Nan’ character is one of the most popular.

In 2015, on Christmas Day, Alan Carr had Tate, as ‘Nan’ on his show, Chatty Man. In the brilliant clip, Nan can be seen being her usual abrasive self telling stories about why she doesn’t like Christmas.

Carr asks her “Are you one of those people that love it [Christmas]”, to which she responds rather nicely by saying, “I love a bit of Christmas, darling”, but then, in classic Nan fashion, turns away and says “I don’t really”. Watch the scenario below and admire Tate’s fantastic humour.

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