Tom Cruise sent into laughter fit during Catherine Tate story on Graham Norton
Tom Cruise sent into laughter fit with Catherine Tate story

Catherine Tate sent Hollywood’s Tom Cruise into a laughing fit on the Graham Norton Show.

Catherine Tate sent Hollywood A-Lister, Tom Cruise into a laughing fit on the Graham Norton Show last week, with a rendition of her ‘Nan’ character.

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Cruise was a guest on the BBC show, promoting his new Jack Reacher movie, Never go back, when Catherine Tate was inadvertently asked to discuss her characters.

Tate, who is promoting her tour starting October 31st explained:

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“I do a belligerent teenage character, a belligerent old-age pensioner. I think all of my characters are quite belligerent.

“If there’s one thing they have in common, they tend not to like the world.”

ctA-lister, Cruise then responds:

“Can you do some now?”

Prompting Tate to dig into her cognitive archives, whilst explaining how she developed her alter egos.

“I got the voice [of Nan] when I was at Drama school, when I was training and they split up our year.

Tate goes on to explain how her and three others fared at a local retirement home.

“Four of us got asked to go ’round the local old-age pensioners home and give them a trip down memory lane, which, as it turns out, Old people can’t be dragged down memory lane. They don’t wanna [sic] go”.

ctAs Catherine Tate continued, the audience were fully engaged, preparing for the origins of her ‘Nan’ character to be revealed.

Tate explained that as the quartet prepared to perform, an elderly viewer looked less than impressed and sighed “So, here we go”, before making her feelings clear during the 20 minute performance.

“And all the time she was like “Well this is all I need innit”.

The British comedienne continued, before delivering the outstanding punchline, emulsifying British culture and satire in one short sentence.

“At the end of it, she went “Is she gonna stand in front of that fu*king tele all day?””

Tom Cruise laughing during Catherine Tate gag
Tom Cruise laughing during Catherine Tate gag

At this point, Tom Cruise along with Host Graham Norton and co-guests Cobie Smulders and Jude Law were howling with laughter, fully engaged in the comic’s story.

Take a look at the video below and learn how the fantastic character of ‘Nan’ was born and immerse yourself in Catherine Tate’s comedic charm.


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