Celebrity Big Brother’s Paul sparks monumental race row with Karthik as name joke turns venomous

CBB has been on our screens for just one week, but tensions between housemates are already running high in the camera-filled house.

Former Apprentice contestant, Karthik played the race card when Paul Danan asked him for a drink but called him Cathar instead of his name.

Karthik was visibly furious by the mispronunciation and claimed Paul had called him after the Arab airline Qatar instead.


The two men made attempts to reconcile over the mistake in the smoking area – with Paul alleging it was all a joke – but an almighty row quickly followed.

Paul catapulted into a defensive rant as he yelled: “I’m not going to say another thing, but don’t ever play the racist card.”

Karthik retorted: “Well don’t call me Qatar airways or whatever you called me.”


Their uncomfortable argument didn’t stop there as Paul continued his enraged rant in front of fellow housemates.

Danan has a history of ranting and finding himself on the wrong side of the law. Over the years he has allegedly been arrested several times, one of which for shouting obscenities at a Miss Student contest and another for carrying Class A drugs as well as Cannabis.

The argument continues with Paul adding: “Don’t f****** give it the racist s*** though.

“That’s serious s*** in this house.”

Karthik quipped: “Then remember people’s names next time.”

Paul managed to get the last word in before running back into CBB’s clutches: “I know your f****** name.”