Charlie Stayt mistakes Catherine Tate Catchphrase
Charlie Stayt mistakes Catherine Tate Catchphrase

BBC Breakfast have come under the limelight yet again after their second live blunder in a week.

BBC Breakfast host, Charlie Stayt found himself rather embarrassed on Monday, after he said the wrong catchphrase live on air.

This follows up last weeks error, which saw a Gorilla shown over a description of SNP Leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

Charlie Stayt, who presents BBC Breakfast along with Naga Munchetty, was interviewing British comedienne, Catherine Tate when he made the glaring error.

Stayt said: “I’m gonna get it wrong now [sic].
“Yeah but no but” in front of Tate – who rapidly stepped in, before aggressively correcting him with what her actual catchphrase was.

Tate said: “Yes, but, no but, is not ME but!

“Yes, but no but, was Little Britain but”

The Breakfast anchor then held his head in shame, before apologising as Tate took over and, in her best ‘Lauren’, told the embarrassed Charlie “Am I bovvad?”.

Have a look at the video below and watch how Charlie Stayt wishes the world would swallow him whole!