Credit: ITV

Contestants Georgia, Carole, and Michael caused a huge uproar tonight after taking part in the ITV quiz show along with contestant Darragh. He (Darragh) went for an impressive £9000, Michael then went for the low offer of £300, however Carole shockingly chose -£1000 and then Georgia went one better and went for -£2000 to the despare around the studio and in living rooms up and down the country.

‘Start a go fund me page for darragh. Absolute thieves,’ wrote one fan on Twitter while others compared the scenes to Crimewatch.

Twitter exploded


Obvioulsly the aim of the game is to combine your amounts for the biggest total and the odd low offer is forgiven if it means a strong player can help with the final chase.

This is apparently only the fourth time in The Chase history that three players have gone that low and got through to the final.

They all ended up with £6,300 (£1575 each) before going in to the final chase with a full house of team members.

Watch part of the drama unfold below