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Bradley Walsh loses It after The Chase contestant flirts with The Dark Destroyer

Bradley Walsh had a bit of a moment on The Chase this Monday, when a contestant began flirting with Shaun ‘Dark Destroyer’ Wallace.

Asham played ITV gameshow The Chase on Monday and could be heard laughing throughout the episode. So much so that host, Bradley offered her a daily place to laugh at his jokes.The sales advisor from Rockaby admitted to being worried that Shaun’s “good looks” would put her off a successful game.“Hello gorgeous, you’re a real hottie you are. Roar. I didn’t want you because you might put me off. Don’t do that sexy smile,” Asham gushed at the chaser.

Host Bradley struggled to contain himself and laughed: “He’s got no sense of humour.”

The Chase Shaun Wallace ITV

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the situation. One wrote: “This woman on the Chase just hit on the Dark Destroyer haha #TheChase.”

“See her flirting with the chaser lmao. This is horrifically awkward #TheChase,” posted another.

A third said: “Asham thinks #TheDarkDestroyer is sexy! Let’s hope his smile doesn’t put her off her game! #TheChase.”

“Flirty banter on #TheChase. This is the only contestant I can honestly say I find hilarious in all the time I’ve seen this show,” noted a fourth.

Unfortunately her flirtatious manner didn’t work and Shaun knocker her out. She said: “I thought I’d just be cute, it didn’t work. It was a pleasure to be beaten by you. Bradley, thank you for the day, I’ve had the best day!”

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