Christmas Catalogue's in the 90s
Christmas Catalogue's in the 90s

Christmas in the 90s was so much better than it is today and we’re going to give you 10 reasons that prove it.

Sit back, read and take a nostalgic trip down memory lane. We’re going to re-visit some of the greatest things about Christmas in the 90s.

10) Watching Videos with the whole family

Christmas 90s - Video Tapes with the family
Christmas 90s – Video Tapes with the family

Nothing beat sitting down on Christmas Eve with your whole family (no matter how big or small) and watching your favourite Christmas movie.

Whether it be Die Hard, Miracle on 34th Street or something completely different. Long live the jumpy VHS tape!

9) Mr. and Mrs. Claus Dancing Dolls

You knew you were posh if you had these in your house. Some only had one, but if you had both you were onto a winner.

With these dancing dolls on the go, you could literally sit for hours and watch them go.

8) Decorating the whole house in Tinsel

We don’t see much of this stuff around anymore, but in the 90s it was all the rage. Covering every conceivable place with Tinsel made your house the best on the street.

The bannister, kitchen cupboard, mantle piece, window frame. You name it, it became covered! #Bringbacktinsel.

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