Just when you think you’ve seen it all on live TV, and just when we had all began to get over political expert Robert Kelly’s gate-crashing kids, who clearly didn’t understand the meaning of ‘I’M BEING INTERVIEWED BY THE BBC!’, we are treated to yet another hilariously farcical live news gaffe.

This time, the laughs come courtesy of a ham-fisted janitor in what is believed to be a clip taken from Turkish television.

The man of the moment, dressed in a blue shirt and black trousers, can be seen in the background of the shot, behind a person who seems to be the news anchorman.

After realising he was in shot (oh a penny for his thoughts at that moment), the handyman drops to the floor in the style of a low-budget combination of Ethan Hunt and James Bond that ends up with him face-planting the floor and dragging himself like an extra from the Walking Dead slowly out of shot.

Last Month political expert Robert Kelly was interrupted live on air, whilst being interviewed by the BBC, by his children while talking about the South Korean prime minister’s impeachment in a serious discussion.

The clip, which very quickly went viral, shows Kelly talking to the camera while behind him one of his young children barges into the room. The first child is slowly followed by another, but it doesn’t take long for their mother to drag them out of the room like she’s a bartender giving a drunk the bums-rush.

Whether the janitor was just trying to escape being accidently filmed, or whether he was subtly trying to audition for stunt work in Hollywood, only he knows. However, if the latter proves to be the case, I’d say to him that he needs to do a bit more work on his form.

After all, how do you get to Carnage Hall? Practice.