Craig David has admitted that during his younger days, he was ‘training like crazy’ and pushed himself too hard to get rid of the ‘fat kid’ image he had always been associated with.

Despite showcasing his new ripped body, the 36-year-old singer claims he still craves fried chicken and other fatty foods.

 A lively Craig, aged 11, at a church group with his pals

During a TV interview, David admitted:
“There was a time when I was like, just training like crazy, but then I realised that actually, having been an overweight kid, I just wanted to do the opposite but then finding balance was key.

‘Because you can take it almost too far sometimes, and then you have to ask the questions of, “who are you trying to get a six pack for?

 Craig David revealed he 'trained like crazy' for his ripped look but went 'too far' with his intense workouts

‘Because now, I just want to be healthy, I like to keep myself in condition cause I want to go on stage and give a 110 percent and that’s my reasons for it as opposed to, “let me get a summer sick pack because I need to impress.”

Back in 2010, he confessed his cravings for junk food although he was on the right tracks to overcoming his ‘fat’ image:

“I’ll eat three KFCs… I’ll eat 12 buckets if you put them in front of me. Not 12 pieces, 12 buckets. I train hard, I work really hard. If you want to indulge in treats, then go for it.”

‘I was a fat kid growing up, who lost the weight, got himself together and now it’s about consistency. But there’s always a fat kid inside that’s reaching out for Kentucky.’