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Leicester City star and Premier League title winner, Danny Simpson has been involved in a horrifying Twitter rant from the mother of his child.

The former Manchester United defender, who signed for the Foxes in 2014, turned 30 earlier this week and posted his disgust on Twitter at not receiving a Happy Birthday from his daughter.

Eccles born defender, Danny split from partner Stephanie in 2014, three years after the birth of their daughter. However the two met again for the sake of their child. It was after this point that Simpson assaulted Stephanie and caught “straddling across her with his hands firmly placed around her neck”.

After Simpson posted a public tweet about not hearing from his daughter, rather than contacting Stephanie privately, she hit back and blew the lid on their turbulent relationship.

Simpson has since deleted the tweet, but it is believed he wrote: “When you fund your exes [sic] whole life and can’t even get a happy birthday message off your child[.] What a world we live in lol”. [Article continues below]

Danny Simpson Twitter 4/1/17

Stephanie Ward publicly responded to the jibe. She wrote on Twitter:

“I have begged @dannysimpson to spend time with **** for a whole year. Instead he has spent weekends in the club. And international breaks”

She continued: “@Dannysimpson I don’t have a phone number for you. Your child was in hospital and I couldn’t contact you”.

“@Dannysimpson spent Father’s Day in Vegas. I arranged for a cake saying Happy Father’s Day daddy love ****, to go to his room with balloons. 

“Only to be told by a girl from Manchester, that she f*cked him that night and they ate the Father’s Day cake together”

Stephanie added more to her rant, exposing Simpson to her followers. She wrote on Twitter:

“I spent 4 hours on my own in Manc [sic] on Christmas Day so that **** could see you @dannysimpson while my whole family had dinner in Chester.

“I have bought tickets for you to attend school play which you refused. Watched you spend your days off in spas with whores”. [Article continues below]

“I didn’t hit you hard enough”

Stephanie then replied to a tweet by Leon Knight, a former Professional Footballer who said it was “Sickening” that Simpson hadn’t had a message off his daughter.

She wrote: “@LeonKnight_ @dannysimpson I have begged and begged Danny to see his child, I don’t have his phone number, he ignores her face times”

Stephanie then continued the barrage of tweets, alongside images of a videoclip made by their child:

She said: “@LeonKnight_ @dannysimpson when daddy won’t call you on your birthday and blanks your messages“.

| Twitter

The mother of one, whose twitter bio reads “Middle Child 20 something. Surviving on power naps since 2011, hopeless romantic,” then addressed the general public in her final giving.

She concluded: “Tell your fans how I collected **** from your house & you said infront [sic] of her “I didn’t hit your hard enough” then abused me. @dannysimpson.

“Today is PROOF every woman should take out the precautions they are offered by police after domestic violence. I was offered a restraining..

..”Order and I refused as I didn’t want it to affect ****. I deeply regret this. No man should be able to bully or lie about a woman online. X” [Article continues below]

Fathers For Justice

Stephanie also responded to Fathers For Justice, who offered their opinion on the matter. The account tweeted, alongside an article from the Daily Mail:

ANOTHER footballer facing a battle to see his daughter. If you need advice/support @dannysimpson get in touch #F4J”.

She rightfully responded with a barrage of tweets to the account:

“You are making a mockery of genuine situations where men can’t see their children. Read my tweets. He chooses not to see her.

“There are men in this world who are denied access to their children. This is heartbreaking, especially when they don’t have the funds to be able to fight in court. This person was given access through court and didn’t show up. Speak only with facts.

[You’ve] embarassed [sic] yourself with your tweet as you are so misinformed. Read MY tweets and go offer support to men who are real victims.

I also agree. That is why no matter what I have endured, I encourage a positive relationship with her father, difficult as it is. If you want to really be in the know, check his Instagram. There is clear evidence to show WHERE he spends his days off, Dubai.

“He pays child maintenance like the law requires him to. I don’t have a contact number for him. Stop looking for press attention”

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