The Sun

What happens on tour stays on tour is the saying and some think this applies to Beckham at Glastonbury.

Although it’s difficult for him to get away with things when he’s seen on a global broadcast of the massive festival at worthy farm.

The former England captain seemed well in the party mood as he watched Ed Sheeran’s headline set on the Pyramid Stage from the wings.

It was the first music weekender for Becks and it looks as though he went all out, wearing a bucket hat and getting lost in the music. He was joined by his fashion designer wife, Victoria, and his son Brooklyn.

It caused a lot of debate on twitter about Beckham’s behaviour:

Responses to the speculation on twitter though seemed varied. Some people suggesting his jittery jaw was down to using illegal substances, while others say it was down to tiredness.

No response from the man himself yet, but the only thing we can take from this is that social media wouldn’t let him enjoy his chewing gum in peace.

Watch the clip below and see what you think!