Sir David Jason has stated in several interviews that filming Only Fools and Horses provided him with many happy times and laughs. Reading the scripts was always a pleasure due to the comedy genius of writer John Sullivan. He also loved working amongst the rest of the cast, of whom he had a terrific rapport with. David and Nicholas Lyndhurst would often play pranks – sometimes at Lennard Pearce’s expense. Most of the time, the latter would find it funny however there were occasions when the on screen brothers would take it too far!

Writing for The Daily Mail in 2013, Sir David wrote:

“When filming began, Nicholas and I bonded quickly, despite our 21-year age difference. We shared a love of mucking about, although we sometimes went too far. Lennard Pearce normally saw the funny side of things but once, when we broke into the wardrobe room, turned his costume inside out and nailed his shoes to the floor, he refused to work until we  apologised effusively.

Another time, we rigged the men’s toilet at our rehearsal hall with novelty explosives which detonated when you opened the cubicle door. That seemed like a funny idea until we heard a bang, followed by a gigantic scream from the little old lady who cleaned the hall and had entered the Gents with her mop. It nearly finished her off.”

Sir David Jason is grateful for the impact Only Fools and Horses has had on his life. It appears he was also a terrific and empathetic actor to work with. Buster Merryfield, who played the part of Uncle Albert wrote an autobiography, During the War and other Encounters (1996). His book reveals an endearing story of how Sir David Jason helped settle Buster’s first day nerves… continue reading