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Sir David Jason: Modern Comedies have too much Swearing and Violence – “It’s offensive”

Sir David Jason has blasted modern comedy, suggesting there’s far too much violence and swearing involved.

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David Jason as Del Boy.

In an interview with Radio Times, the veteran Still Open All Hours actor said:

“The trouble is now we have stand-up comedians who have forgotten about innuendo,

“In music hall days, and especially at the BBC, you were never allowed swear words, so they came up with brilliant wheezes in Beyond Our Ken, The Goon Show and Round The Horne – ‘Hello, I’m Jules and this is my friend Sandy’. Everyone knew what it was about and the audience filled in the gaps,” he said.

“Today they push down the barriers. Take the F word. It’s become commonplace. Stephen Fry – I’m a great fan and think he’s clever – puts up a good argument for using all swear words as a rich part of our language.

“But he couldn’t persuade me. Language has implications and it’s offensive if it’s meant to denigrate something or someone. Only Fools had nothing unpleasant, really.”

The former-Only Fools and Horses actor also slammed the use of body parts being blown off, saying that “they must have an influence” on the audience watching.

Do you agree with Jason, or do you think he’s a little out of touch with modern day, multi-million pound Television?