David Jason is one of the most-loved actors of our generation. Best known for his roles in Only Fools and Horses and Open All Hours, the veteran star has been questioned in recent months about whether retirement is on the cards.

However, the 77 year-old has confirmed he hasn’t even thought about retiring in the near future and is set to continue entertaining TV audiences.

Upon being questioned about his plans, Jason said: “I’ve been a television actor for over 50 years and count myself very lucky that I am doing something that I love.’

People ask me, ‘Are you thinking about retiring?’. No, that hasn’t occurred to me. Different day, different challenge, different way – lovely jubbly.”

“It’s not the arrival, it’s the journey.

“I will continue, I hope, to entertain the great British public, because that’s what I love doing the most.”

Three years ago, he was asked the same question and revealed to The Sun:

“I’ve got no intention of retiring, why would I?

“I’d really like to find another great role, another leading character. If the right project comes along I’m ready to do it.

“Touch wood, I’m in good health. Long may it continue.”