Davina McCall QUITS Twitter ahead of The Nightly Show in case viewers “HATE IT”

ITV’s The Nightly Show, which broadcasts weeknights at 10pm in place of the ten o’clock news has not been well received by viewers since it first aired two weeks ago.

David Walliams and then John Bishop were both destroyed by viewers in weeks one and two of the show, which has a new presenter each week.

Davina bravely took the reigns as the ITV chat show this week, but the barrage of abuse didn’t stop. The seasoned television presenter may have predicted the backlash however, as she announced a sabbatical from microblogging site, Twitter during her week-long stint.

Davina McCall Twitter | Image: ITV

She tweeted: “I hosting the nightly show all week x I’m off twitter till Saturday so if you hate it …. fill yer boots! (sic.)”

The 49-year-old proved right, as she came under fire from twitterers in their droves, with one viewer commenting: “I honestly thought #TheNightlyShow couldn’t get any worse…. and guest what- it just has,” which was followed by: “First time watching #TheNightlyShow properly and this is embarrassing. They didn’t put any respect for #itvnews whatsoever.”

A third complained: “#thenightlyshow Davina is making me cringe harder than I’ve ever cringed before #ouch,” before one more berated: “Can Davina make it MORE obvious she is reading Auto Q and this s**t is recorded – GOD help us if it was LIVE.”Introducing Culture Club legend Boy George, the former Big Brother presenter made a painful hiccup as she accidentally “oversold” his career.

“He’s sold over 400….” she said, before briefly losing her composure.

“Sorry, I oversold that,” she continued, before swiftly moving on to bringing the singer out on stage.

Elsewhere in the show the first female host brought up the topic of pin-up, Tom Hardy’s appearance on Cbeebies and made a series of crude, x-rated gags which got the audience laughing, but left some viewers raging, labelling her “crass” and “objectifying men”.

McCall suggested that women would take themselves off to the bedroom during a Tom Hardy appearance and would be “buzzing”, but not with happiness – and followed that up by mimicking bunny ears. Take a look at the video clip below.

Davina will continue to host The Nightly Show for the rest of the week on ITV 1 and ITV 1 HD.

The Nightly Show continues tonight at 10pm on ITV.