Dermot O’Leary was left mortified as Ant and Dec involved him in their latest Saturday Night Takeaway prank.

The 43-year-old presenter was roped in to taking part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Out of Me Ear! which took place in public for the first time ever.

As they watched on monitors, Ant and Dec requested that Dermot grabbed a trolley ride from an unsuspecting member of the public while Dermot pretended to shop in Tesco.

Viewing the footage back, Dermot revealed: “I was mortified! Climbing in the guy’s trolley, I was mortified.”

Taking place in a Tesco superstore, Ant and Dec laughed: “Right, okay, we’re going to try and climb into someone’s trolley. This guy! Yes, just get in, get in now!”

Explaining that he was “really tired”, The X Factor presenter asked to be wheeled around the shop towards the cheese section after climbing into the trolley.

Dermot also interviewed a staff member with a cucumber

Clearly perplexed by the bizarre request, the shopper nonetheless obliged and asked: “Where do you want to go?” before adding: “Oh my god. I charge you two pound to get there.”

Looking serious, Dermot said: “Just get me where the cheese is. My legs just stiffen up. That’s lovely, thank you. You’re the man.”

One viewer tweeted: “Absolutely in stitches watching Dermot on Ant and Dec. What a champ.”

“@radioleary @antanddec I’m in house by myself crying with laughter, Dermot in the trolley absolutely brilliant,” posted another.

A third wrote: “Dermot O’Leary just climbed into some random dudes shopping trolley and was like ‘take me to the cheeses’.”

“Dermot’s in a f***en trolley #antanddecsaturdaynighttakeaway,” laughed a fourth.

Watch the hilarious clips below