It’s coming up to 20 years since the cult Sky1 show burst onto our screens. And it will be remembered in many different ways, some better than others.

From outrageous plots ranging from murder to tragedy and everything in between, the players, coaching staff and board of directors went round the mill a few times, to say the least!

The show was the testing ground for many actors and actresses that went on to star in shows such as Footballers’ Wives, Hollyoaks. Even Hollywood came a-calling for one or two. So with the 20th anniversary looming, let’s have a look at what the cast are up to now.


Terry Kiely – Kyle ‘Fletch’ Fletcher

source: The Mirror

As arguably the biggest character on the show, Fletch, played by Terry Kiely, was a true legend of Harchester United. His character enjoyed success with stints at Real Mallorca and Real Murcia and as a result he became a star striker banging in goals everywhich way but loose. Certainly enjoying the company of the ladies, the Harchester Youth Team graduate left a massive legacy behind on the popular show. After Dream Team however, the career of Fletch’s portrayer dried up a bit. More recently, he was reported to be working at a Richmond-Upon-Thames swimming pool as a life guard. Other reports state that he was a beneficiary to a £145,000 inheritance in 2011. So every cloud I guess!


Robert Kazinsky – Casper Rose

source: The Mirror

As Dream Team was winding down, Kazinsky bagged himself the role of Sean Slater in Eastenders from 2006 until 2009, and upon leaving he gambled it all to try and crack America. Luckily, the 33 year old has managed to carve out a very respectable CV for himself state-side, appearing in TV shows such as True Blood, Second Chance and blockbuster films Pacific Rim, Warcraft and The Hobbit. The boy from Harchester has done alright for himself!


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