The passerby heckled a police officer, who was performing an interview on Australian TV. What followed will have him regretting ever opening his mouth.

Shouting abuse and making x-rated gestures is common when somebody is seen stood in front of a camera in the street.

There are hundreds of videos on the internet where passing members of the public heckle journalists doing their job, but on this occasion, hurling abuse was probably the worst thing you could have done.

A member of the public in Australia made a terrible decision when he decided to shout at a police officer, who he was giving a press conference in front of cameras.

The police officer is speaking to journalists outside his station, but in the background a man can be seen staggering towards him from behind, clutching a beer bottle and appearing a little worse for wear.

He loudly shouts “Bullsh**!” interrupting the policeman midway through a sentence.

But rather than ignore the foul-mouthed drunkard, the officer politely excuses himself from the report and performs his duty to the fullest – grappling the man into the station, arresting him.

There’s a certain point in the video where you can see the hecklers face drop too, alluding to the 2014-coined phrase ‘it was at this moment, he knew he’d messed up’.