EastEnders in Funny Subtitle Fail During an Argument with Bex and Keegan

In what was supposed to be a pulse-racing, heart-stopping, adrenaline pumping bus crash storyline, viewers were instead distracted by a rather unfortunate subtitles fail.

And when I say fail, I mean fail.

With the Bridge Street market crowded with hordes of people protesting the council’s decision to move the market site, Denise Fox (portrayed by Diane Parish), new kid on the block Keegan (portrayed by Zack Morris) and Bex Fowler (portrayed by Jasmine Armfield) were among the characters desperately trapped in a bus that ploughed through the unsuspecting crowd like a lawnmower through long grass, as the driver suffered a suspected heart attack at the wheel.

However, as what was meant to be a climactic crescendo to the writer’s vision played out, the audience was immediately taken out of the situation by a calamitous subtitle auto correction that was spotted by viewers. Ah, autocorrect, truly the scourge of our collective existence.

Whilst Bex and Louise were baited into an argument with some bullies at school and when Keegan, introduced earlier in the episode, called Bex a “little fat girl”, the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed, as indeed many did, that the subtitles read as her being called a “fat sk*t” instead.

In a world where information and interconnectivity is instant, no fail is safe. And as such, the moment it happened, thousands flooded Twitter with screenshots of the subtitle foul-up. I smell a meme coming.

“Subtitles going wild again?! Fully went from ‘fat little girl’ to ‘fat sk*t’,” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Did anyone else notice how ‘fat little girl’ became ‘fat sk*t’ in the subtitles on EastEnders?”

The hilariously disastrous blunder came only a week after the BBC was left red-faced as they played the wrong subtitles for President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Millions of viewers watched history unfold before them, as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. But many were left confused when the BBC mistakenly showed the subtitles for a children’s TV show instead.

As if it wasn’t bad enough for BBC’s already furrowed and worried brow, the show also came under fire from the viewers for the bus crash storyline’s insensitive timing. The story aired only a month after the tragic Berlin terror attack, in which 13 people were killed when a truck was deliberately driven into crowds at a Christmas market.

Subtitles accidentally called Bex a ‘fat sk*t’ instead of ‘fat little girl’