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Eastenders in trouble after THREE taboo words were used before the watershed

TV regulatory body, OFCOM received numerous complaints after Eastenders used ‘swear words’ three times before 9pm.

BBC soap, Eastenders became embroiled in controversy on Thursday after three taboo phrases were used during an episode. [Scroll down for Video]

Sharon Mitchell and Michelle Fowler generated more than 80 complaints to the broadcasting watchdog after using the phrases before the 9pm watershed.

Shocked viewers – many watching with children – voiced their anger after hearing words “b*stard”, “a*se” and “sh*gging”.

Eastenders viewers made more than 80 complaints to broadcast watchdog, OFCOM after three taboo phrases were used during an episode, pre watershed.

The first came just four minutes in as Sharon slams a mug onto the floor, calling Phil a “stupid, stupid b*stard”, upon finding out he’s fathering Denise’s baby.

Michelle then added another, during a conversation with Sharon. She explained how it felt upon losing her ‘sex appeal’ in her marriage to Tim.

“The top of my arms found a life of their own and however hard I worked out, all I had to do was look at a bagel,” Michelle explained. “I might as well have shoved it down my trousers and sellotaped it to my a*se.”

Eastenders swearing

The soap continued the bad language and Michelle was at it again, when she ranted about people’s naughty behaviour.

“This ain’t my home, I don’t fit here, I don’t want to. That’s why I left in the first place,” she moaned. “It’s a small, dirty corner of London. Full of the same small-minded petty little people, passing their judgments and shagging… sh*gging the neighbours.”

Ofcom have announced they will be assessing Thursday’s EastEnders after the pre-watershed swearing prompted more than 80 complaints from viewers.

Social Media reacted

Viewers took to social media to express their shock, whilst others contacted the broadcast regulator directly.

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