BBC’s three-part drama The Replacement concluded on on Tuesday night and viewers have been left underwhelmed from a show that promised so much based on the trailer and fan relation to the powerful storyline.

The Replacement has been one of the most talked about new shows on social media, but fans have expressed their disappointment at how the finale panned out, discussing the plot-holes and ease of unmasking the killer.

It maintained a refreshingly complex take for a time, however Tuesday’s finale seriously faltered at the last hurdle.

Fans couldn’t understand why suddenly Ellen became a master in mechanics and how Paula was suddenly caught with no explanation. To add to that the story skipped and Ellen had Lia back and father Ian was completely shut out of the picture. Fans commented on how the final ten minutes appeared rushed and squashed a lot of vital information in, which should have been spread out better.

Take a look at some of social media’s comments and see if they relate to your view on the BBC murder-mystery drama.