90s fashion brand

Do you remember these fashion brands from the 1990s? Some of them no longer exist – thankfully

The 1990s are BACK. We are living in the 2010’s, but the spirit of the 90s is well and truly upon us. We’ve seen Ellesse, Gola, Kappa and more return in what has become a retro era of fashion.

It’s not only fashion though, technology has seen a rise in retro gear. Record players have made a comeback, along with classic styled radios, retro Fridges and we’ve even seen Old-School-style Column Radiators growing in popularity. Soon we’ll all be flocking to the high-street for a big back TV and reminiscing about the good old days of having just four working channels, when your next-door neighbour got Channel Five crystal clear.

Anyway, let’s take a look at 9 of the greatest – or possibly worst – fashion brands of the 1990s. Some of these you’ll recognise in the shops today, whereas others you’ll be glad are dead and buried.

9) Ralph Lauren – Polo Sport

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport is still very much alive. The sub-brand is the name given to mot of RL’s sport clobber, but during the 90s it was a brand of clothing in its own right.

Rugby shirts, Jumper’s and Polo’s bearing the Polo Sport name were in high demand, as was fragrance such as aftershave and deodorant.

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