Only Fools and Are You Being Served? star believes British audiences want gentle comedies back on our screens

Actor John Challis is one of the many stars who are appearing in the remake of Are You Being Served? The BBC are bringing back a host of British Comedy classics which also include Porridge, Goodnight Sweetheart and Keeping Up Appearances. This has been met with a positive response from British Comedy fans and John himself believes that it will be fantastic to revive these shows.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, John reveals how he is dismayed with ‘nastiness’ of the more recent comedies. He believes that much of the comedy is generated from insulting or degrading a person or group, however the older TV comedies were far more ethical and pleasant to watch.

“Are You Being Served? was such an iconic series, I thought, ‘Should we be doing it again?’.

“But I get so many people, young and old, saying to me, ‘We don’t have TV like we used to’.

John Challis Are You Being Served?
John Challis to star as Captain Peacock in Are You Being Served? remake.

“Why can’t we have those wonderful old series back where you can sit down with all your family and not have to worry about it?”

The world had changed and become more brutal, he said.

He added: “I think it’s much more cruel, like with disabilities in Little Britain.

“They say if you laugh at it, you accept it as being in the broad tapestry of life.

“But I don’t subscribe to that. I know an awful lot of disabled people who are upset about the way they’ve been portrayed.

“I also find the way they have portrayed women unsettling. It’s a matter of taste. And a lot of that has disappeared.”

John also stated that family entertainment is non-existent and the British public want it back. He will be starring in Are You Being Served? as Captain Peacock and the other stars include: Sherrie Hewson as Mrs Slocombe, Roy Barraclough as Mr Grainger, Jason Watkins as Mr Humphries, Arthur Smith as Mr Harmon, Justin Edwards as Mr Rumbold and Niky Wardley as Miss Brahms.

There are new characters being introduced to the show, they include Mathew Horne as Mr Grace, Jorgie Porter as Mr Rumbold’s secretary Miss Croft, and Kayode Ewumi as a new member, Mr Conway.

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Header picture credit: BBC