Football Shirts Quiz
Football Shirts Challenge

Test Yourself: Can you name the football team from the shirt sponsor?

Here is a football challenge with a slightly different angle – on this one we are going to focus solely on sponsors on the shirt. Some football teams have the same advertisement on their shirt for years, and you may recognise them instantly without even needing the slight assistance of the shirt colour.
However, as you progress through this test you will find that it gets more challenging. This is one of the most difficult football tests we have put on to It’s Gone Viral; if not the hardest. There are 25 pictures, if you can match at least 19 successfully, you have done great.

There are five questions per page. The page automatically refreshes.

Best of luck. When you are done, your score will come and you have the option to share you score on Social Media and challenge your friends to see if they can beat you!

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