Football player assaults Referee
Football player assaults Referee
Football is a beautiful game, but sometimes tensions spill over and players find themselves in trouble. This shocking video shows the moment that Rhanim Chouaib, a player for Miralbueno, flattens the Referee after he sent off a teammate.

Rhanim Chouaib launched the sickening attack on Referee, Fahd Abbou El Mourabit, 18, after a teammate received a second-yellow card for protesting a penalty decision. Video at the bottom

El Mourabit has been officiating Spanish amateur fixtures for around three years, earning roughly forty pounds per game.

Chouaib reacted after his goalkeeper had been sent off for protesting a penalty decision against him. The goalkeeper then acted as the separator to stop the vicious assault.

Football player assaults Referee
Football player assaults Referee

“My face is swollen and my head hurts”

The teenage Referee stopped the match and sat in his changing room after phoning the police. He said of the incident: “It had been a quiet match and the away team was 1-0 up when I awarded them a penalty.

“I had just shown the Miralbueno goalie his second yellow for protesting and the San Juan players scored their second goal.

“While they were celebrating the home side’s number 14 came and punched me in the face and hit me again while I was on the floor.

“I decided to suspend the match and call the police. They escorted me from the ground when they arrived and I went to hospital.

“My face is swollen and my head hurts. I’ve never experienced anything like it but I still want to carry on refereeing.”

Miralbueno have since announced they were to expel the aggressor from their club. The club also posted about the incident on theit Facebook page. They said: “Miralbueno Football Club’s board of directors condemns the events that took place in the First Regional Division game.”