A former EastEnders actor, Joshua Pascoe will be in hot water after a racist rant he went on was secretly filmed and has leaked online

The 21-year old, who played troubled teen Ben Mitchell in the BBC long running soap, could be seen hurling the abuse to passers by as he struggled to find his money.

A witness explained: “He was furious and had to ask a bunch of complete strangers for money. It was a shock to hear such vile words from someone well known.

“He appeared to think that kind of racist language was nothing to be ashamed of. Many of the people who overheard were offended.”


A quick-thinking camera phone owner began videoing the rant in The Strand, central London, after Pascoe told the strangers who he was and said his wallet had been nicked. During the 28-second clip he repeatedly revealed the thief was likely to be “some P*ki”.

The actor spent two years as a cast member on EastEnders, until he turned 16.


He was dumped from the soap in 2012 after being arrested for an alleged sex assault. It is thought no charges were brought.

Some months before this, the actor – whose real life replicated his characters – had been kicked out of stage school over claims of bullying.

A spokesman for Mr Pascoe has refused to comment.