Viewers of BBC East Midlands were in shock today when, during an interview with a local police officer, a silver sprayed mime act could be see arguing with a member of the public, shouting and swearing at him, whilst another police officer intervened.

The man could be heard shouting “F*ck Off” several times as he lost it at the passer by, who was wearing a black t-shirt and stood just to the right of where the camera was pointing. [Scroll down for video]

However the cunning camera operator didn’t wan’t to miss the action and cheekily turned to face the confrontation, giving viewers the full brunt of the face-off as a police officer tried to quell the situation.

Whilst the BBC journalist was interviewing the local officer about sport in Leicester, the mime act could be heard screaming and shouting – something which viewers and the presenter alike had no idea about, however it all became apparent when the camera panned gently to the right to reveal the mime – who specialises in keeping still and silent – losing his mind.

He could be heard shouting “Go away”, before following that up with “F*ck off” three times as members of the public looked on bewilderingly.

Viewers of the daily news segment were quick to jump on social media to discuss the situation, with one viewer rewinding and filming the event to post onto Twitter.

One joked: “OMG did you see that on BBC East Midlands? The mime guy going mental haha”.

Another wrote: “LOL at that guy effing and jeffing in-front of both the police and live bbc crew. Brilliant! Love a gaffe”

It’s Gone Viral have contacted the local police force for comment.

Take a look at the footage below