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Contestant ridiculed after ‘worst ever’ Morgan Freeman impression on The Chase

Dean told Bradley he was ‘working on’ his impression of the famous Shawshank Redemption actor

Bradley spoke to the 23-year-old theatre director from Belfast before he revealed his secret party trick. [Scroll down for video]

Dean admitted: “I like to do impressions of people in the shower,” leaving a bemused Bradley awkwardly replying: “Very good.”

Following a range of impressions, including Morgan Freeman and Kermit the frog, Bradley appeared visibly disappointed, but it was nothing compared with what was to come from chaser, Paul Sinha.

The Chase | ITV

The 46-year-old comedian and quizzing champion took his seat and tore Dean apart fos his horrific impressions.

“If your Morgan Freeman impression was the best of your skills you’re in a lot of trouble,” quipped Paul.

Shocked, Bradley gasped: “Rude!” before adding: “Unnecessarily so.”

Paul added more humiliation, however, saying: “If you thought that was rude, minus £4,000 is your lower offer.”

Unimpressed viewers took to social media to berate the contestant’s impression attempts.

One viewer tweeted: “He should be locked up in Shawshank [Prison] for that Morgan freeman impression #TheChase.”

“Dude’s going to be gutted when he watches that Morgan Freeman impression back @ITVChase #TheChase,” posted another.

A third asked: “This dude calls himself an impressionist?? Are you having a laugh??? #TheChase.”

“He is rubbish… Must sound different in the showers #TheChase #gangofchase,” said a fourth.