Let It Shine Gary Barlow
Let It Shine | BBC

Let It Shine Contestant Hilariously Mimics Gary Barlow

Viewers cringe as wannabe insults Gary Barlow with awkward sausage roll skit

Let It Shine viewers took to Social Media by the bucket load to discuss the awkward encounter between the Take That singer and hopeful, Lee Stinchcombe on the BBC show.

Stinchcombe revealed that he performs in Take That tribute. The 35-year-old then proceeded to do an impression of Gary, 45, leaving those at home ‘cringing’.

Lee requested that Barlow repeat the impression once he’d completed it.

“Oh, they do a lovely sausage roll,” Lee said. Gary point-blanked refused to repeat it back to him.

Let It Shine Gary Barlow
Let It Shine | BBC

He then joked: “Just looking for the zero button [under the desk]… and the one that opens the trap door.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the skit that was underwhelming, but Lee also failed to make it through to the next round after his strong rendition of Power Of Love.

“He might get some comedy gigs out of it?” co-star Dannii Minogue later suggested, to which Gary replied: “He’ll get a lot of comedy, he was very good.”

Meanwhile, people took to Twitter following the uncomfortable segment, with one person writing: “Doing an impression at an audition not a good idea! #letitshine.”(sic)

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