Jake Humphrey BT Sport Steven Gerrard

Jake Humphrey ridicules Steven Gerrard in BT Sport studio, in front of millions of viewers

BT Sport anchor, Jake Humphrey sucker punched Steven Gerrard during a LIVE broadcast on Saturday, leaving the former Liverpool legend embarrassed.

Gerrard, 36, was analysing the Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur after the two drew 2-2. He was joined by former Manchester City defender Richard Dunne and former ‘Spurs manager Harry Redknapp.

Humphrey asks Gerrard if Chelsea have a ‘slip’ in them, with regard to winning the Premier League title.

The ex-midfielder responds saying:

“I don’t think so because they’ve got no distractions either. Tottenham, Arsenal, other teams have got European football to concentrate on as well. 

Steven Gerrard during his Liverpool playing career
Steven Gerrard during his Liverpool playing career

“Chelsea are just playing week in week out. We had that at Liverpool when we were favourites to go and win the title. Obviously, everyone knows that…”

But Humphrey cut Gerrard off mid-way and blurted out, with a wry smile on his face: “Talking of slips!”

Gerrard, ever the professional, continues to evaluate Chelsea’s title chances and explains: “Anything can still happen.”

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