The ITV Magazine show may find themselves investigated by OFCOM after viewer condemns very rude segment on today’s show

Celebrity Chef Gino D’Acampo was showcasing his ‘forgive me’ steak, for times when men are grovelling to their wives over something they’ve done wrong.

He displays a succulent looking steak dinner complete with roast potatoes, peppercorn sauce and vegetables.

However things took a naughty turn when the Italian offered up his Vegetarian version of the dish.


“Everyone should have a dish if they want to be forgiven,” he advised Holly Willoughby, 36, and her co-host Phillip Schofield, 54.

“But if you’ve got a wife who’s vegetarian, you can just give her this,” he joked, before thrusting a carrot in Holly’s face and waving it around vigorously.

Phillip Schofield couldn’t help but add to the innuendo camaraderie by jibing: “That’s one of her five-a-day”

Viewers who witnessed the x-rated conversation were quick to jump on Social Media and post their thoughts on the matter. Some angry about it that children may be watching, whilst others found it brilliant television.

One angry viewer wrote: “DISGUSTING ‘joke’ on this morning and sexist too. I hope OFCOM get involved. Waving that phallic carrot at holly is cheap!”

A second added: “Children may be watching and what message does that send to them? Keep your sex jokes to yourselves!”

Another less angry individual commented: “LOL at Gino waving that carrot like a pen*s. We all know what you meant hahaha,” whilst A third joked: “One of Holly’s 5a day haha. I’m lucky if i have 5 a year – if you know what I mean lol.”

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