Holly Willoughby BLUSHES as Gino D’Acampo makes ‘Prostitute Pasta’

This Morning host Holly Willoughby left red-faced on the show after celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo whipped up a naughty meal

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby was seen grinning like a child after Gino, 40, asked her: “Am I allowed to use a word? I’ll whisper it in your ear.”

The Chef then whispered into Holly’s ear, but the microphones they both wore picked up every syllable as clear as can be: “Can I say prostitute?” , he asked.

Gino’s words left Holly and the rest of the studio team in stitches over his failed attempt to quietly whisper to her.

Holly’s co-host, Phillip Schofield quipped: “That’s the loudest whisper ever!”

The 35-year old mother of three answered Gino’s question, telling he could use “lady of the night”, but the cook decided he was going to stick to “prostitute after asking her advice.

Gino Holly this Morning ITV

The cook explained the origins behind the unusually named dish, Linguine Puttanesca, saying that prostitutes would make it for sailors when they came back to shore after a period at sea.

He said that it helped to “cool down” a person’s nether regions and would be a regular occurrence.

Gino Holly this Morning ITV

Gino’s appearance proved to be hilarious and eventful one, the star only turned up to cook right before he was expected in the studio.

The celebrity chef managed to finish his cooking segment early, leaving Holly and Phillip looking for something to fill the last three minutes before the ad break.

Gino joked about doing a Q&A in the remaining time, as all three tucked into the meal.