The wacky world of This Morning was once again reduced to fits of laughter when Gino Sheffield D’campo was thought to have let a four-letter expletive slip out.

The Italian cook was on hand to help out and to demonstrate how to make the perfect cannelloni when he shared some particularly salient advice.

“You need a big sheet,” said D’campo to Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield as he cooked up a scrumptious looking pasta dish, but Schofield was forced to repeat what the I’m A Celebrity champion actually said.

“Sheet,” Phillip repeated as he grinned. “Sheet.”

“The only thing is you need a big sheet” @Ginofantastico’s accent is very convenient sometimes,” chuckled one viewer, as another followed: “Swear Gino just said big s***s.”

One particularly amused audience member giggled: “‘You need a big s**t’ Oh Gino, I don’t care how many times we hear you say it it still makes me laugh.”

“I thought Gino said s**t then haha! But he said sheet,” cried one more, before someone else teased: “You’d need a big s**t if you ate all that.”

Well I suppose when you have to go, you have to go.

After Joey Essex’s foul-mouthed gaffe earlier in the same programme, this viewer joked: “Best episode ever! Swearing all over the shop lol.”

The 26 year old reality TV star, unaware that his microphone was still on, pulled a Gordon Brown and said that he thought that the ITV studios were a “f**king s**thole.” Naturally, viewers at home were privy to every syllable of his hilariously unfortunate opinion.

In response, the This Morning hosts were quick to apologise on Essex’s behalf after his rant began to cause chaos online.

“If anyone heard what Joey Essex said, we do apologise,” Holly sighed. “He didn’t realise his mic was up.”

Phillip cheekily added: “I didn’t know he knew any words that big!”

No doubt that the director was having several litters of kittens behind the scenes.