[source: Metro/ITV]

James Brown was really, really, really famous…but he was still known as the hardest working man in show business, so this jabroni has no excuse.

Prepare to get angry, as Hosts of This Morning Rylan Clark-Neal and Sarah Greene were forced to apologise for the 25-year-old’s language.

A 25-year-old man claiming to be too famous to work shocked This Morning viewers when he swore on the live show.

Grant Coulson (no, me neither), who appeared on one episode of Geordie Shore, insisted he was too famous to work in a “f***ing fish shop” after the ITV morning show lined up a job interview for him.

The hosts looked visibly shocked as he swore.

“I don’t think I could work in a f***ing fish shop,” he said.

Rylan and Sarah glossed over the incident, saying: “You couldn’t work in a fish ship, you couldn’t work in a fish shop.”

“Maybe a bar?” Sarah asked.

The show then went to a break and when it returned Rylan apologised.

“You might have heard some language from Grant just before the break and we want to apologise for that,” he said.

Viewers waded between disgust and amusement at Grant’s delusions of grandeur, who claimed he couldn’t work because of his one episode of Geordie Shore.

“He wants to be a presenter?” one wrote. “He would need very intensive elocution lessons. As for being ‘too famous’ to find work? One word: DELUDED.”

Another wrote: “He’s a t**! Too famous more like too lazy, yet another fame hungry fool giving Geordies a bad name.”

The unemployed reality TV star, if you like, is currently on benefits and got a nose job on the NHS. He is now trying to bag a new set of teeth courtesy of the taxpayer, he previously told the The Sun.

Grant already claims to have had fillers for acne scars on the NHS before getting a new nose.

The 25-year-old, who quit his call centre job to “find fame”, thinks he can’t get a job in his hometown of Newcastle because employers recognise him from his brief appearances on the MTV reality show and a dating programme.

In order to finance a new set of teeth, which cost around £4,500, he’s applied for a grant.

Let’s get this straight, the only person who is probably too famous to work is Jack Nicholson, anyone else is just kidding themselves.