The Chase. Credit: ITV
The Chase. Credit: ITV

Contestant gives quite possible the WORST answer ever on ITV’s The Chase

If, like us, you love to indulge in the tea-time Quiz shows each night after work, you’ll find yourself watch ITV’s The Chase.

This week a contestant answered with what is possibly the worst answer ever seen on the show, in recent memory. David, from Andover, who is a self confessed ‘average quizzer’ was in the final chase when he answered a question so wrong you’d struggle not to fall off your chair. Take a look at the clip below!

Bradley asked the two remaining contestants, “Who had a fifties number 1 with Stranger in Paradise?”

David buzzed in and, calm as you like, looking confident, answered: “LL Cool J”.

LL Cool J is a 48-year old Rapper from the US, meaning he wasn’t even nearly born in the 1950’s. The answer was in fact Tony Bennett, which Bradley revealed to the bewildered David.

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Social Media reacted to David’s answer with great panache: