Henrik Larsson | Pointless
Pointless | BBC One

Contestant wins Pointless after boyfriend told her to answer ‘Henrik Larsson’

Pointless became the talk of the internet yesterday when two contestants won the gameshows jackpot with an answer that “He said..”anything football related…just said go for Henrik Larsson”.

Tasha and Jo became the latest pair to win the Pointless jackpot when they answered ‘Henrik Larsson’ in the topic Goal scorers at Euro 2000. The two girls, whose final topic was based upon the year 2000 also chose Natalie Imbruglia and TLC, as their other two choices.

Alexander Armstrong, who presents the BBC Gameshow informs the girls that the answer has to be right, then pointless for them to win the jackpot.

Armstrong turns to the board and the counter begins to drop through to nought. Upon it bing revealed a pointless answer both Alexander and co-host Richard Osman congratulate the paid, with the latter asking whether there was a story behind their choice.

To answer, Jo turns to Tasha and says “We’re going to have to take Alex out for a drink, I think”.

Henrik Larsson | Pointless
Henrik Larsson performing for Celtic

Tasha continues: “Yeah, basically my boyfriend, Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows I’m rubbish with names.

“He said “anything football related, he’s played for Man U [Manchester United], he’s played for Celtic and Barcelona I think.

“He just said go for Henrik Larsson”

Social Media users reacted to the jackpot winning duo

The official Pointless twitter account showed support to the girls, saying: “Yes! The girls beat the millenium bug, and Henrik Larsson wins them £2,250”.

James Whaling loved Tasha’s disclosure of why she chose the Swedish football legend. “He wrote on Twitter: “Listen to her reasoning! Hilarious”.

Ruth Gleghorne added: “That had to be one of my favourite ends to Pointless ever. “I have a footballer …Henrik Larsson” Brillant!!”.


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