Remember the 1996 American-comedy Jerry Maguire? Jonathan Lipnicki was the young actor who played the role of Ray Boyd over 20 years ago. You’ll never believe what he looks like now!

Appearing on Extra Today back in December, he claimed that he nearly missed his chance to play the role. He said:

“I actually read for it and then they cast someone else,” he told the show”, however he then admitted that he had “begged” producers to reconsider their decision for the opportunity to star alongside Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger.

He went on to discuss how he landed himself in the role, stating:

“They shot two weeks with the other kid and it wasn’t working out so they went to recast it and my agent begged for them to see me again.

“They flew me out to Arizona where they were shooting a bunch of the football scenes with Cuba [Gooding Jr.] and I read for Tom and [director] Cameron [Crowe] in Tom’s trailer and I got the part.”

However since his major debut at just the age of 6, he had roles in many other films such as Stuart Little, For the Love of Money and Loserville.

Fans have seen the child-actor grow up into a handsome young man. Now at the age of 26, he regularly photo uploads on his Social Media accounts.

Want to see what he looks like now? Check out the video below:

Video: TMZ