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Holly and Phil joke about getting “P*SSED” LIVE on air in hilarious outburst

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield present ITV’s award winning magazine show, This Morning. The two are never far away from a blunder, but with the show being live, there’s no time for edits and the viewers love them for it.

On todays show, Holly and Phillip were being shown life hacks that can be achieved using household objects, such as coat hangers, cling film and Vodka.

Steve Wilson, who appears infrequently on the show to discuss his life hacks, was showing how a metal coat hanger can be used to create a variety of useful objects, such as a tablet stand, magazine rack and kitchen roll dispenser.

Moving on from this, he went on explained how neat Vodka can be used to clean household items such as smelly trainers and even your windows. [Article continues below]

ITV This Morning

Holly quizzed “And it’s diluted Vodka?”, to which Steve replied “nope, neat!”

A shocked Holly responds: “Oh, NEAT?”, before going on to joke “One for the window, one for me, one for the window, one for me”.

Phillip then joined in the camaraderie, performing the spraying actions himself and joked that after finishing spraying “You won’t care about whether the windows have got a smear on them”.

The trio continued as Steve suggested spraying a shirt, if you don’t have time to wash it, which prompted Phil to joke “It’s called a spill isn’t it?”

Take a look at the hilarious clip below. Have you got any wacky cleaning ideas using alcohol or other unconventional products? Lets us know by emailing

Fans of the show reacted to the revelation on Twitter.

Nichola wrote: “Vodka for cleaning on #ThisMorning ?! Give over! Vodka is for drinking, anything else is a waste”.

Julia added: “What a waste of vodka #ThisMorning drunk and disorderly windows”, whilst Emma joked: “If I sprayed neat vodka on the glass, I’d deffo be licking the windows”.

Don finished with: “Who in their right mind would waste VODKA by using it as a cleaning agent? Who IS this total berk???!!”