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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield caught off guard as This Morning returns without warning: “Where was the music?”

This Morning suffered another gaffe today when the presenters were caught out by producers after the intro music didn’t play, which alerts them they’re going back on air.

As the camera panned around and began rolling, the two TV stars could be seen talking and making notes.

Quickly realising that they were LIVE, a panicked Phil remarked: “Where was the music?”

Holly quickly chimed in: “Want me to sing it?”

To which Phil quickly replied: “No!


“There’s never any need for that.” 

However, undeterred, Holly decided to sing the theme tune and belted out a harmonic rendition of the well-known chime.

A flustered Phil then demanded that the show play the song immediately.

He said: “Oh do it now…

But, to make things even more awkward, the song was delayed.

To which he joked: “On the ball!”

Holly then joined in adding: “I won’t speak unless I hear that tune!”

This Morning returns at 10:30am on Thursday, ITV 1 and ITV 1 HD