Holly has spoken out about the embarrassing mishap that saw her breast broadcast to millions of viewers

During the early 00s, Holly Willoughby presented Children’s TV show Ministry of Mayhem, where she suffered the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a lady on television – her boob popped out.

The then children’s TV show presenter was dancing from one side of the studios stage to the other, when unbeknownst to her and the camera crew, her breast slipped out of her bra and can be seen bouncing about for a few seconds, before she realised and quickly tucked it back in.

Holly Willoughby Nip Slip boob pop out citv ministry of mayhem 2005

Holly can be presenting the show alongside Stephen Mulhern and Michael Underwood. Members of boyband Blue are sat alongside the trio as special guests. After speaking into the camera she jumps up and begins to dance across the studio floor to the tune of Walk this Way by Aerosmith, when her breast pops out.

Speaking years later about the incident on ITV, Holly explains: “It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. 

“So I looked down and I was just kind of swinging around, then I turned round as I realised to try and tuck myself in.


“Then there were all the kids behind me who were all gasping.

“It’s just embarrassing, not that I’m not like crude or shy, not that at all, but when it goes into the paper it’s like ‘that’s my boob'”.

Stephen Mulhern, who was sat beside Holly during the interview added: “Mind you, the following week the ratings soared”.

If you haven’t seen the clip, check it out below.