Holly Willoughby appearing in an S Cub 7 movie as a model

Young Holly Willoughby STRIPS to Lingerie in S Club 7 Movie

Holly Willoughby made an appearance in S Club 7’s TV Movie, Artistic Differences in 2000 and the young model stripped down into a sexy lingerie outfit, wowing her on-screen partner Paul.

The This Morning presenter, now 35, appeared in the movie in her first ever acting role. The 19-year old played the part of Zoe, who reunites with ex, Paul, after he leaves the band due to a fall out with Bradley.

In the racy scene, Willoughby can be seen taking part in a photoshoot, modelling underwear after being picked up by an American agent.

Paul grows jealous of how busy Zoe becomes and eventually dumps her. The scene where she is dumped is oscar worthy, with Willoughby perfecting the head-turn as Paul walks away.

Over the years, Holly has blossomed into one of British TV’s most recognised faces and keeps viewers glued to screens with her incredible charm and gorgeous figure.

Paul on the other hand has changed quite dramatically since he was in S Club 7.

Paul from S Club 7

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