Holly Willoughby Nip Slip boob pop out citv ministry of mayhem 2005

Throwback to when Holly Willoughby’s breast popped out LIVE on Morning Television

The mid-morning TV favourite is known for her hilarious gaffe’s, but this mishap went one step further

During a live broadcast of CITV’s Ministry of Mayhem in 2005, Holly Willoughby suffered the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a lady on television – her boob popped out.

The then children’s TV show presenter was dancing from one side of the studios tage to the other, when unbeknownst to her and the camera crew, her breast slipped out of her bra and can be seen bouncing about for a few seconds, before she realised and quickly tucked it back in.

Holly Willoughby Nip Slip boob pop out citv ministry of mayhem 2005
Holly suffers a horrific wardrobe malfunction as her left boob pops out of her top when dancing

In the video clip below, Holly is presenting the show alongside Stephen Mulhern and Michael Underwood. Members of Blue are alongside the trio as special guests. The scene begins with Holly talking to camera explaining that: “This is the part of the show where I ask you to…” 

At this point, the song Walk this Way begins to play and the presenter all dance across the stage to another area of the studio floor.

One member of the boy band can be heard shouting “Go on, Duncan” as he dances along with the three presenters, when suddenly Holly’s wardrobe malfunction takes centre stage.

Holly Willoughby Nip Slip boob pop out citv ministry of mayhem 2005
Holly desperately fixes the situation, whilst Duncan of Blue points out the malfunction before freezing

As she stops dancing, the blonde beauty realises what’s happened and quickly makes the adjustment, but whilst this is going on, Duncan, of Blue, freezes. The frozen position however, has been noted by users on Social Media as Duncan demonstrating to Holly that her breast is on show, as if discreetly trying to make her aware.

Upon finishing the dance and adjusting herself, Holly, Stephen and Michael move into a room, leaving Duncan frozen on the stage.

Holly can be seen continually adjusting her bra, whilst looking at Stephen and giggling. It is understood that the producer is talking to them through their ear-pieces about what has just happened, with the two trying to hide their laughter and remain professional.

Holly Willoughby Nip Slip boob pop out citv ministry of mayhem 2005
Holly and Stephen laugh off the mishap


In an interview about the unfortunate event, Holly explained:

“That was probably my most embarrassing moment on TV.

“But I learnt a very valuable lesson, which was to always wear a sturdy bra. [Nowadays] There could be an earthquake and I’d be the only person still in their dress!”

Alongside TV presenting, Holly has turned her hand to fashion and teamed up with Her personalised designs with the company have proved very popular with consumers.

Viewers of the clip on YouTube commented on how Duncan froze in a very peculiar position. One wrote: “He froze cos he saw her adjusting her boobs”, with another adding: “He was probably shocked her boobs came out on children’s TV! LOL”.

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