Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby has become the latest celebrity to be threatened with a leak of her private pictures by a hacker.

The bubbly blonde This Morning host, 36, has long been lusted after by her male fans and adored for her incredible curved figure by her female followers.

Willoughby has flirted with fans over the years by sporting body-hugging outfits as well as revealing lingerie and making taboo innuendos live on-air.

But now a hacker has reportedly threatened to leak the stars private pictures according to The Sun.

The existence of the alleged photos are yet to be acknowledged and has reached out to Holly’s representatives for comment.

Contrary to the reports, a source close to the mother-of-three has denied that she has been a victim and apparently is unfazed.

Holly Willoughby appearing in an advert for Polly Pocket lingerie | Image: Polly Pocket
Holly Willoughby appearing in an advert for Polly Pocket lingerie | Image: Polly Pocket

“Holly is unconcerned as these are baseless accusations as far as she is concerned,” they said.

The threat comes days after Hollywood star Amanda Seyfried fell victim of a hack and her private images were leaked all over the internet.

The daily tabloid newspaper claims that there are “dozens” of celebrities that are being taunted by hackers over private pictures.

It’s been claimed that hackers have “guessed passwords of the stars” social media accounts and are therefore able to access private messages.

Holly Willoughby appearing in an S Cub 7 movie as a model

Hackers allegedly use invite-only forums to share files. A source said: “They trade explicit pictures like children trade Pokemon cards.

“Sometimes some leak pictures on the mainstream internet for a sick buzz.

“Celebrities can get pictures and videos taken down, but other users just save the files to put elsewhere.

“It’s almost impossible to stop. And the longer it goes on for, the more kicks these weirdos get from it.”

Holly Willoughby presents This Morning on ITV, weekdays from 10:30am alongside Phillip Schofield.