Rapper, Honey G performs Mannequin Challenge

Honey G performed the Mannequin Challenge LIVE on X Factor, Saturday night and Social Media erupted.

The London Rapper, who survived last week’s show on a Judges decision, performed Push It by Salt-N-Pepa and then everybody froze for the ‘Mannequin Challenge’.

The whole of the studio, including the audience and judges froze in what is a historic performance on the ITV talent show. Watch the footage below and spot if anybody moves!

Honey, herself, continued to perform in the surreal looking studio. The eerie silence is something never before seen on the live TV show.

The Mannequin Challenge appeared in November and has gone gobal, with celebrities performing it, as well as sports teams including the England football team.

Honey G will be hoping her two performances can win over the public and progress to the next round – without the judges having to save her.

Social Media loved the performance and Mannequin Challenge

Other users on Twitter think that Honey’s appearance this week is a fix. They believe the producers had planned the mannequin challenge, expecting the Rapper would progress on the public vote.

Seb wrote: “Honey G being kept in the X Factor last week must have been a fix from the producers, who had planned the mannequin challenge”.

Other users were also hot on the trail of the Rapper’s favouritism.

Spice Girl

Melanie C, who was in the 90’s pop group, Spice Girls is the latest celebrity to slam Rapper, Honey G.

The pop star, in an interview said:

“I haven’t seen any TV because I have been so busy,

“But everyone kept mentioning this Honey G and I was so curious so I thought ‘right, I’ve got to Google.'”

After Googling, the 42-year old revealed, “I am so confused. Is it for real? Is She pulling the wool over our eyes, Is Simon Cowell? I’m at a bit of a loss.”

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