Honey G performs at the X Factor
Honey G performs at the X Factor

Honey G returned to X Factor, singing a medley including the Men in Black theme tune, Ice Ice Baby and lyrics from her new single

The London rapper returned for a performance in the final and absolutely stole the show. Users on social media reacted to the ‘When I say Honey, you say G’ singer, who was eventually knocked-out after progressing farther than anybody had predicted.

At the end of her performance, she rigorously plugged her single, which is due for release on December 23rd. Honey mixed some of the track into her performance, teasing the audience. Some fans boo’ed as she promoted herself, but ultimately she received a standing ovation.

All of the judges donned Honey G glasses and interacted with the performance from start to finish. The reaction from creator Simon Cowell will not quell rumours that Honey G remained in the competition due to a rigged voting system.

The performance generated a lot of reaction on social media, with users posting their thoughts on twitter.

Tasha Ahmed wrote: “Brexit is clearly affecting the X factor – they’ve gone from Beyoncé to Honey G as guest acts. #hardtimes #comeonhighcourt”

Even the Loose Women got in on the act, tweeting: “Has a non-finalist EVER performed at the final before???
We don’t think so!!  @TheXFactor #xfactorfinal #HoneyG”