Tigres horrific leg break

Footballer suffers horrific leg break during match

Playing football is something many of us love doing as a hobby. To play professionally is the stuff of dreams, but to break a bone when playing is the stuff of nightmares.

During a recent football tournament in Argentina, a Mexican footballer suffered a horrific leg break. Please be wary when watching the below video as it is very distressing and may be unsuitable for younger viewers or those of a nervous disposition.

Luis Martinez, who represents Tigres attempted a defensive challenge just left of the 12-yard-box. But as he slid in to the challenge, his left leg caught the turf and twisted underneath him, causing the break. Watch the mortifying footage below.

Martinez has been described as a “rising star” by his coaches. He received paramedic treatment pitch-side before being rushed to hospital.

It is expected he will be out for at least a year to recover.

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